Hundreds came together in Seaside to set a very special record.

Up until now, the record for most sand angels on the beach was held by a town in Michigan, when CLEARLY that record deserves to be held right here at the Jersey Shore!

On Saturday the Jersey Shore beat that record, with hundreds showing up on a beach in Seaside on the eve of the five year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy. So what did they all do? Well it will take several weeks to confirm and become official, but they came together to set a sand angel world record for the Guinness Book.

The Ocean First Foundation and New Jersey Natural Gas donated so much time and money to support this fantastic event, along with each person who made a sand angel. Ocean First and NJNG each donated $10 for every $5 that the first 1500 registrants donated.

The previous world record in Michigan was 1,387, but the Jersey Shore blew that away because more than 1,600 people came out this past Saturday. AND over $30,000 was raised to help hurricane relief charities!

Check out the video from the drones overhead!


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