really stressed guy

Gallup did a poll to find out which states were the most stressed. New Jersey wasn't in the top 5, but we did make the top 5 on another question. We experience some of the least enjoyment in the country.

I was surprised when I found out we weren't the most stressed state. The top 5 included Rhode Island, Kentucky, Utah and Massachusetts, with West Virginia topping the list. With all the stress we deal with here in New Jersey, I can't even imagine the levels in those states. Hawaii was the least stressed state. What a shock!

The Top 5 we did make was the list of states that report the least enjoyment. Those polled were asked if they had experienced a lot of enjoyment in the last day and 82% in New Jersey said yes. Only Kentucky and Rhode Island reported a lower percentage of enjoyment. The state that had the highest enjoyment number was Hawaii at 89.7%, so in reality, we're not that far off. Hey New Jersey, we're only 8% away from having more enjoyment than Hawaii! Who says we don't find the silver lining, right?


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