Putting the most positive spin on this as possible, we are able to report to you that New Jersey is among the top 50 friendliest states in America.

As anyone who lives in New Jersey can tell you, that is where the good news ends for the Garden State, because that headline could have just as easily read, " New Jersey Among Bottom 5 States For Friendliness."

The research was done by Big 7 Travel, and New Jersey comes in as the 46th most friendly state in the nation or 5th least friendly state, whichever way seems less painful for you.

So, what buried us so deep in the rankings? It turns out it is that 'in your face' style that we are so famous for. Personally, I think it can be endearing, but people from outside the Garden State possibly haven't warmed up to it yet.

But back to the good news, at least we're not last. New York is. and Massachusetts, Delaware and Arkansas are behind us as well. The friendliest state, according to this report is Minnesota.

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