Every once in a while, one of these studies goes New Jersey's way, and the recent one that ranked the most educated states in the nation did just that.

The study was done by WalletHub, and it looked at 18 different metrics that led to a well educated population, and when it did, New Jersey was in the top 10 states, and therefore in the top 20% of the nation.

Here are some of the rankings in certain categories that helped lead the Garden State to it's impressive ranking...

Quality of Education...New Jersey ranked as the 5th best state.

Educational Attainment Rate. We ranked #10 here.

% of Bachelor's Degrees...We are tied for 4th best state with Connecticut.

% of Graduate or professional degree holders. NJ is ranked 7th.

When all of the stats were compiled, New Jersey wound up being the 9th most educated state in the nation. Don't doubt for a second that the ranking added personal pressure on me to spell everything right in this post.

And it also got me thinking that for a bunch of pretty smart people, we sure do agree to pay too much for just about everything we buy here in the Garden State. That doesn't seem like the smartest move, does it?

Well, regardless of that, let's take a minute to enjoy a statewide high ranking in a study we'd like to rank highly in. There is no question in my mind there's a grammatical error or two in that sentence.

I hope it doesn't affect our ranking.

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