When it comes to the most educated states in America, the Garden State ranks among the top ten in the nation.

Recently, wallethub.com took a look at the education levels of each state, since it has such a big impact on the level of financial success that can be achieved in a lifetime, and New Jersey ranks among the best.

According to their research, New Jersey ranks 5th in America in the percentage of people who hold a Bachelor's Degree, and 10th for overall "quality of education" and 10th for "educational attainment".

Connecticut was the highest ranked among local states, coming in at #3 overall, while New York was 12th and Pennsylvania was #30. For the record, Massachusetts was the most educated state and Mississippi was the least according to the findings.

The study used educational attainment and quality of education in each state to determine the rankings.

Despite all of the research that usually puts New Jersey in the bottom of the rankings, this is one that New Jersey can be proud of.

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