New Jersey usually lands right on the top of the lists we don't want to be on the top of, but this time we didn't. Well, not really. It's all about Halloween calorie consumption.

When you hear about the idea that a publication is going to research which states consume the most Halloween candy, you probably swallowed hard and wondered just how bad it is here in the Garden State. The answer is probably not as bad as you think.

Don't get me wrong. Not as bad as you think does not necessarily mean not bad. The good news here is we won't list the exact number of calories, so that fact can be left to our imagination, at least for now.

The rank, however, is a cold hard fact, and this time around the Garden State ranked 9th for most Halloween calories consumed, according to Daily Meal. Have you ever been happier that 8 other states eat more something than we do?

The data was compiled a few years back (2017) so the info is relatively fresh, much like all that Garden State candy we didn't even give a chance to get stale. So, which states took on more calories than we did in the study?

Here they are (from 8 to 1)...Arizona, D.C., Maine, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, California, New York and Florida. Wait a minute. If our two closest neighbors are New York and Pennsylvania, then New Jersey is lowest calorie consumer in the neighborhood!

How about that for a positive twist? Good right? So, let's leave it at that. Let's stop on a high note.

And let's remember that we have been through a lot, so treating ourselves this week is not an altogether bad idea.By the way, in the same year the Halloween consumption data was compiled, The Department of Health in New Jersey said our state's obesity rate was lower than the national average.

Slightly lower actually, by about 3%.That's not much, but when you're reaching, you take what you can grab.

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