Man.....New Jersey just wasn't able to cut a break.

According to recent studies, we are supposedly one of the laziest, most expensive, least friendly states in the country that is filled with psychopaths.

BUT....New Jersey just got a #1 ranking and it is FINALLY for something good.

We apparently have the BEST state education system and a big reason is because we spend a decent amount of money on it! (Kind of makes sense. What you get out of something equals what you put into it)

The Education Week, a national industry publication, looked at states' school systems across the country and analyzed 39 different categories which included school finance, academic achievement and socioeconomic factors.

And to top it all off, this is the first time New Jersey's school system has come out on top and been ranked #1.

Quite an accomplish to put under our belts, if you ask me. Good job Garden State.

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