Just how obsessed is New Jersey with the food it eats? VERY, according to new research.

In fact, New Jersey LOVES to share the food we eat on social media. We're major foodies!

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We've all been out to eat with someone who can't stand to take a bite before memorializing their meal with a photo. But, considering Jersey ranks among the Top 10 most food obsessed states in the country, YOU are very likely THAT person, lol.

To determine its findings, Shane Co. (the nation's largest privately owned jeweler)  asked over 2,100 people across the United States to confess how man photos of food pics are on their phone's camera roll, then 'determined the states, generations, and regions that take the most food pics'.

Eaters Collective/Unsplash
Eaters Collective/Unsplash

The study concluded New Jersey residents have an about 127 photos of food on their phone at any given time. That's reportedly 27.5 percent above than the national average, landing the Garden State in the #9 spot on the list.

Coming in at #1, Colorado takes the most food pictures in America, followed by Florida and Arkansas.

courtesy Shane Co. via Go Fish Digital
courtesy Shane Co. via Go Fish Digital

FYI, if you want to figure out how many photos of food YOU have in your cameral roll? Shane Co. says to type the word 'food' on your iPhone’s photo search bar.

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