There is a big debate happening on the internet right now.

"Which region of the United States of America has the best gas station snacks?"

It is hilarious to me that people DON'T think the answer is New Jersey.

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Not only do we have those killer convenience stores with just about any snack under the sun...but we have GSP rest stops which give us a bit of a loophole.

That is because our rest stops have MANY gas pumps along with an entire building filled with different fast food joints so you can enjoy just about any type of food while you are on the road.

New Jersey is a state that thousands flock to during the Summer time. Our state's roads have been designed for visitors to be happy, even while traveling.

And let's face it....the stops on the Garden State Parkway have been intensely improved over the last 10 years and only continue to get better.

Do you want coffee? You got it.

You want pizza? You got it.

You want a sandwich? You got it.

So let's take a look at the living proof that New Jersey does indeed have the best snacks at our gas stations. Because, well...duhhhh.

New Jersey Has The Best Gas Station Snacks: Here's Proof....

Garden State is best of the EVERYTHING! Including our gas station snacks.

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