And the saga continues....

New Jersey has been given quite a few rankings: 3rd for most psychopaths, 36th hardworking state, 2nd most expensive state for dating and most importantly, we got the #1 ranking for our public school system!

And believe it or not, we got another positive ranking that I am almost skeptical to believe.

According to a WalletHub Study, NJ has been ranked as the 5th Happiest State in America!

I mean....THANK YOU...but, um....WHAT?!

So here is how they did it. They took 31 different key indicators and ranked them accordingly by the state.

For example, here is part of the findings (supposedly):

Happiness in New Jersey (1=Happiest; 25=Avg.)

  • 2nd – % of Depressed Adults
  • 2nd – Suicide Rate
  • 23rd – Number of Work Hours
  • 4th – Separation & Divorce Rate
  • 25th – Safety

I hate to say it but I am skeptical.

Take a look at the original article HERE.

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