One publication has issued findings that when it comes to the value of each state, there is no more valuable state than New Jersey.

While it is a bit of tricky business to determine the value of each state, experts have done their best approximation, according to 24/7 Wall St., and now they are able to rank each state in the nation.

And when nthe ranking was complete, the most valuable state in America is none other than our very own New Jersey. Yep, that's right. We topped a list that we're happy to be on.

Value per acre was the measurement used to determine all the rankings. Let's dig into some of the numbers the researchers reached during their evaluation process, and see how we became #1.

Our value per acre came in at just under $200,000 ($196,410 to be exact).

Our total value is $930 billion (5th highest).

Value of farmland and buildings is $12.7 billion (2nd highest in the nation).

Some more numbers to digest. by way of comparison, our value per acre ($194,000) obliterates the average value of an acre in the 48 contiguous states ($12,000) and the average acre value in the state with the lowest average (Wyoming $1558).

So let's forget just for a minute how expensive everything is in the Garden State, and just enjoy the fact that we live in the most valuable state in the contiguous 48 states.

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