This is bad news for travelers during this holiday season. New Jersey is on the top of the list for worst large airports in America.

It's not just that Newark Liberty Airport did badly. Make no mistakes, it did, ranking as the third worst large airport in America according to a report at Fox Business. But some of our other options did even worse.

If you heard our beloved Newark Liberty ranked so poorly, and you thought you would try to use one of the other metro area airports, you might want to take a minute to rethink that plan.

It turns out two of the other area airports are the ones that round out the top three worst airports on the list. JFK in New York is listed as the 2nd worst airport, and if you're next move was to choose Philadelphia, you guessed it. It came in at #1.

As far as the best airports for 2019 according to the study, you should have a good experience if you're traveling to Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, Denver or Detroit, which all made the top 4 best large airports.

The one good thing about holiday traveling is that many people are heading to see family and friends, so the reward of dealing with these local airports is a really good one. Enjoy your holidays!

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