New Jersey residents know a lot about the history of the Garden State, but did you know that cheerleading got it's start here?

Cheerleaders rejoice! It's true. New Jersey is credited with being the home for the first official cheerleader. It happened back in 1884 and you can credit the crowd at a Princeton football game for making it happen, according to

Mark Peeble was at that game at Princeton University and brought the concept to the University of Minnesota, and cheerleading was born. According to the article, a student named Johnny Campbell took it to the next level by forming an actual team to cheer and the rest is history.

Of course, it's not a huge surprise that the state that hosted the first college football game in history (Princeton- vs. Rutgers back in 1869), would be the place that cheerleading got it's start.

So now, every time you are at a game at any level, and the cheerleading squad is leading their team to another victory, just remember, it all started right here in the Garden State!

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