Every supermarket has one now. It's that long aisle of Halloween candy and baskets and decorations. If the pumpkin spice hasn't gotten you ready, this aisle sure will. But when it comes to the candy, there are so many choices. Which one candy is the one you have to have for Jersey Shore trick or treaters for Halloween 2021? You knew there would be a survey and an answer, and of course there is, and we have it for you.

Unsplash, Omar Lopez

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When it comes to New Jersey's single favorite candy, you'd expect something, well Jersey. is there a very Jersey candy? Well, yes there is. It's a candy that was invented right here in the Garden State, ans it screams Jersey Shore. But salt water taffy isn't our favorite candy in the Garden State.

If it's not a Jersey Shore staple, than what could it be? And if you think our love affair with chocolate is a hint in the right direction, think again. There's no chocolate in our favorite candy. Not even nestled inside a candy shell.

So then what could it be? Think fruit flavor. Think square, and think wax paper (that sometimes sticks to the candy anyway. Do you feel like you're getting any closer. One more clue. These candies are a burst of flavor. Nothing yet?

Well then, let's just reveal it. Candy Industry has revealed that after their extensive study that Starburst is the # candy in New Jersey, and therefore, it's the one you have to have in your Halloween treat giving collection.

Unsplash, Taylor Rooney

There you go. The experts have spoken. But if I ring your door on Halloween, don't be afraid to throw some Mounds my way. And by the way, at least Starburst is better than a Crunch Bar. That was New Jersey's favorite candy last year.

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