Candy sales are up this year even though Halloween will look different due to the pandemic. Please go crazy at the stores, I think we all deserve extra candy this year. Chocolate, hard candy or fruit flavored gummies, what is your favorite candy? If you clicked the article link on our Facebook page, let us know in the comment section!

Zippia did research and found each state's favorite Halloween candy. The career building website was able to use Google trends which determined the most avid fans of each candy. Before I let you know what New Jersey's favorite candy is, Zippia found a few interesting facts about America and the sweets that drives our dentists insane. For example, Starburst's are a favorite with 6 states loving the "unexplainably juicy" squares. In addition, chocolate and non-chocolate is a toss up. 25 states prefer chocolate candies while 25 prefer gummies, fruit flavors candies and other non-chocolate related candies. Randomly, Missouri loves nerds and Alaska enjoys eating smarties. The full list of states and their favorite candy can be found by clicking this link.

Now according to this research, New Jersey's favorite candy is a Crunch Bar. The chocolate bar made of milk chocolate and crisped rice is also the favorite in New York, California and North Carolina. I'll eat any candy besides black licorice and PayDay's so I really don't have an opinion. Crunch Bars are very tasty and I think all chocolate bars taste better after spending a night in the refrigerator. I am also a huge fan of non-chocolate candies. I can eat Laffy-Taffy, Nerds and Runtz until my stomach starts cramping. Of course we can't forget about our tasty Jersey Shore Salt Water Taffy! Sooo how about you, what's your favorite candy?? Comment on our Facebook page or click chat on the 94.3 The Point App during my show, NIGHTS WITH JIMMY G 8-MIDNIGHT!

Thanks for listening and enjoy all types of candy this Halloween season... YOU DESERVE IT!

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