New Jersey has a favorite everything. We even have a favorite superhero. I bet you didn't know that. So which superhero is tops in the Garden State?

Let's think about this for a minute. This could actually be a fun one to dissect. Which superhero do you think would be tops in New Jersey. I have some thoughts. Here's the first thing that comes to my mind.

What about Wonder Woman? We have some of the strongest women on the planet here in the Garden State, so it would make perfect sense that Wonder Woman would be the choice for the Garden State. I think it's a great choice, but it's not the one. At least not in this article.

Let's give a hint. The top superhero in the state was crowned at the Halloween Costumes website, so that may provide a clue.

I have to then make my second guess Spider Man.  My grandson loves everything Spidey and so do so many other kids in our area. And there was a lot of red and blue around the neighborhood this Halloween. So in tribute to that, it must be Spider Man right? Wrong.

What about Batman then? Gotham City is not that far from us right? And at one point, our very own Jack Nicholson played the Joker and another of our own played the Penguin. But it's not Batman either.

It turns out the top superhero is one you might not have guessed even if you had a few more guesses.We still haven't even touched on Superman or Captain America or even Iron Man, but they would have been wrong, too.

The top superhero in New Jersey, according to Halloween Costumes is...The Flash. The what now.? The Flash, the superhero of speed is tops in the state with the most traffic and congestion?

I guess you could understand this more if you focus on the way some of the lane jumping, no signal light using speed demons bounce around the Parkway like it's a video game. And by the way, we're not alone. The Flash is tops in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, It's apparently a northeast thing.

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