One publication has recently chosen as the most iconic job in the Garden State, and if we asked you to guess it, it probably wouldn't be among the first five that come to your mind.

The publication is 24/7 Wall St., and the task was to name the most iconic job in each state in America. And when they got to New Jersey, the conclusion was pretty surprising.

Maybe you thought the state's most iconic job might be someone at your favorite pizza place. That's not it. Well then it must be a job at a hair or nail salon, right? Wrong. How about a boardwalk employee? Nope. Gas station attendant? No again.

It turns out the most iconic job in the Garden State is biochemists and biophysicists, and yes, I had to get help spelling that last one. So what exactly is the definition of 'iconic job'?

The results were based on geography, large company presence and weather conditions, among other things, so it seems to be less about the first thing you'd think of and more about the's state's 'most prolific occupation'.

And when you look at the numbers, there is no doubt that biochemists and biophysicists are an appropriate choice. We have over 5000 in the Garden State and that represents nearly 19% of all biochemists and biophysicists in the whole country.

So a big shout out to our biochemists and biophysicists out there! You are part of the most iconic occupation in the state!

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