Some experts say New Jersey has some of the best cheesesteaks in the whole country. Yes, some foodies say our cheesesteak is even better than the legendary ones out of Philly So where is New Jersey's absolute best cheesesteak?

Jimmy G
Jimmy G

We know that when you think of New Jersey, you're thinking of Italian food, pizza, bagels, and fresh seafood.

It turns out that you should probably add one thing to that food list. Experts all over the nation are raving about the cheesesteaks coming out of New Jersey.

With all due respect to our friends in Philly, we'll gladly share the cheesesteak spotlight. We have great ones too, from the restaurants to the boardwalks.

Philly Cheesteak Restaurant Donates Profits
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We're still left with the question of which is the best cheesesteak in all of the Garden State, so we go to the experts for the answer.

Actually, this is a double dose of expert input, because the fine folks at Eat This, Not That, experts in their own right, turned to one of the most famous food experts the world has ever known to come up with the answer.

They chose to look to the great Anthony Bourdain for the answer, and the cheesesteak he once chose as the best in New Jersey was Donkey's Place in Camden. That was good enough for them, and it should be good enough for us.

Donkey's Place is located at 1223 Haddon Ave. in Camden and they also have a location in Medford. You can't have a completed New Jersey food bucket list without a Donkey's Place cheesesteak.

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