When a New York woman took her engagement ring off while preparing Thanksgiving dinner, she never thought the story would end in a garbage pile in New Jersey.

The woman, from Tribeca, was making a duck meatloaf on Thanksgiving and took her engagement ring and two other rings off and left them on a paper towel, according to nj.com.

We all can guess what happened next. The paper towel wound up in the garbage, along with the rings. The woman contacted the Sanitation Department in New York and garbage from her address was tracked to a truck carrying 13 tons of trash that had made it's way to the Garden State.

According to nydailynews.com, the trash from her home was still on the truck, and the woman and members from her family were able to go through the trash and actually found all of the rings.

Nothing says Christmas like a story that ends happily at a trash transfer station in New Jersey!




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