We have got another big Jersey Shore winner!

The drawing that happened on Saturday, August 31st had two winning tickets that won $50,000 and one of them was sold right here at the Jersey Shore!

Monmouth Beach Supermarket & Liquors located at 73 Riverdale Avenue in Monmouth Beach is the lucky store that sold the winning ticket!

The winning numbers were: 14, 41, 50, 56 and 57 and the Red Power Ball number was 18. The Multiplier number was 05.

Now just because you are not taking home a bigger sized jackpot does not mean you should not check your numbers.

According to the New Jersey Lottery director, James Carey, "There were 18,651 New Jersey players who took home an estimated $128,395 in prizes ranging from $4.00 to $500."

You never know when one of these winning statistics will include you.

And remember...Anything can happen in Jersey.

For more information, visit NJLottery.com.

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