Dear pizza dipped in ranch lovers - with all due respect, we need to talk.

A few months ago, I called out the pineapple topped pizza lovers, and I ended by saying:

Can we at least agree on the fact that you DO NOT dip pizza in ranch dressing (that's a whole other blog for another day).

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My friends, that day is today. I know Ocean County agrees that Ranch Dressing definitely does not belong on pizza, because I asked you about it last summer on the 92.7 WOBM Facebook page. Check out your responses below:

But somehow, people are still enjoying the (weird) combination of a creamy dressing on a cheesy, saucy, pizza - so clearly we need to talk about it. It's our duty as citizens of a superior pizza-making state.

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First, I had to find out who is responsible for the least New Jersey thing to ever touch a pizza - and the NY Times explained that the trend started when Pizza Hut began selling wings and threw in ranch packets with orders.

We New Jerseyans know that pizzas are already flavorful enough as it is especially when they're made in the Garden State. Marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese is one of the tastiest combinations ever, and all it may need is garlic powder, more cheese, or pepperoni, depending on who you ask - but never ranch dressing!

I can only conclude that those who taint our state food have never been lucky enough to try a slice of pizza made here. Is the solution to the ranch dressing on pizza problem free pizza for all? (let's go with that).

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