Teens aren't always known for making the best decisions, but a group of Jersey kids have escalated things from a simple bad choice to downright dangerous and scary.

knockout game

WCBS-TV first reported about an incident in late September where three Jersey City teens attacked a homeless man in Hoboken as part of a game called 'knockout.'

What is the game?

A pack of teens with nothing better to do find an unsuspecting victim, and one of them tries to knock them out with one hit, and then they walk away.

The homeless man? His name was Ralph Erick Santiago, and he died because after being knocked out, he fell onto a wrought iron fence, and his neck got wedged between two posts. The teens are now facing murder charges.


It's not about robbing the victim, it's not retaliation for anything, it's seemingly because these morons have nothing better to do.

Let's keep it real though, this is not a 'game.' This is assault, plain and simple. It's a crime, not a game.

They do it to prove their strength and to see who can knock somebody out with one punch.

In an eBaum's World video now going viral, they talk to one unidentified man and several teens about the game, and their explanation for playing 'Knockout' is startling.

*Note: Some of the footage in the video is violent and disturbing*

Clearly these individuals have no regard for anyone else, which is scariest of all. Notwithstanding the potential injury from just the punch, when you are knocked unconscious from a standing position, you obviously have no opportunity to break the fall. The chance of hitting your head are pretty significant, and as are other injuries.

The eBaum's World video is captioned as saying Jersey City teens created the game and appears to limit it to just that area, but it is happening in places across the globe.

Their video includes surveillance footage of a 50-year-old high school teacher in Pittsburgh who was the victim of 'Knockout.'

*Note: This footage is violent and disturbing.*

We're probably all thinking, 'That would never happen in Monmouth and Ocean Counties...' but the truth is, it could.

I don't even know what someone could say to these kids to make them stop -- maybe they just need a good ass-kicking themselves -- but it needs to end now.

Have you ever heard of 'Knockout'? What are your thoughts on this 'game'? Tell us in the comment section below!

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