So many of us think Monmouth and Ocean Counties are great places for families, but a recent list doesn't seem to agree with that at all.

According to, no Monmouth or Ocean County towns make the top 50 "Best Towns For Families."  As a matter of fact, only three Monmouth County towns made the top 100, and no Ocean County towns made the top 100 at all.

So how was the list determined? According to the website, the town's access to hospitals, affordability, crime rate, and the quality of the school districts were among the items considered.

The three Monmouth County towns that made the top 100 on the list were Fair Haven Borough (51), Marlboro Township (84) and Rumson Borough (90). No Ocean County town made the top 100. The highest Ocean County town was Point Pleasant Borough at 165. All towns throughout the state (over 500) were considered for the list.

I would imagine that many Monmouth and Ocean County families may be surprised at the lack of representation for our area on this list. I think a good percentage of Monmouth and Ocean residents consider the area a great place to raise a family.

Several Monmouth & Ocean County towns appear from 101 to 500 on the list, See if your town made the list at

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