I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to home improvement, but I found myself at the home improvement store yesterday picking up a plug I need for a fountain in my yard I'm working on. I've always considered the home improvement store a place where men go to be men. Guys talking about tools and building stuff and other manly things. In other words, I was a little out of place. And it got worse.

I found the plug I needed and was just looking around a little. For no good reason, I decided to see if a cap would fit over a plug. I pushed the cap onto the plug and it fit, but it got stuck and I couldn't separate them no matter what I did. I grunted, groaned, banged them on the floor but nothing worked. Of course, I didn't need either of them and seriously considered throwing them back on the shelf and running. I looked up and noticed a couple of guys watching this whole fiasco.

I took the high road and decided I would pay for them, so I walked up to the self check. Those guys from the aisle were right behind me. When I went to scan the cap, I realized the bar code was on the inside and I couldn't get to it. There was a girl who worked there just a few feet away, so I explained to her what was happening. She grabbed the cap and plug and with one one effortless motion, separated them, saying, "There you go," as she handed them back to me.

Or at least I think that's what she said.  I couldn't really hear her above the laughter from the two guys behind me. Stupid fountain.

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