An event that we all truly hope never happens, but should have knowledge of what to do in case it ever does.

explosion nuclear bomb in ocean
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Signs that a nuclear attack has just taken place will include a sudden flash of bright, white light. If you are within 50 miles of the initial blast, you may experience flash blindness as a result. Other signs could include first to third degree burns and a looming mushroom cloud immediately following impact.

Once you are aware that a nuclear attack has just taken place, your first instinct should be to find shelter in a solid building structure, aka the thicker the better, with little to no windows and most importantly, with a basement. A solid shelter could reduce your radiation exposure to 1/200 compared to if you remain outside and exposed.

If you are in a one story house or flimsier structure, it is suggested that you try to relocate but only if you will be outside for approximately 5 minutes or less. If it is a longer time span, wait an hour before re-exposing yourself.

Once settled in, immediately strip off your clothes and place them in a sealed plastic bag far away from yourself and others. Wash your body, especially the areas that were directly not covered, either in the shower or with a wet wash cloth. (Do not scrub!) Do not use conditioner because it will fuse any radiation particles to your hair.

After cleaning yourself off, blow your nose, wipe your eyes, and clean out your ears to shed yourself of any left over particles. Drink bottled water and eat sealed food only until a rescue team can assist you.

It is a scary thought, but let's all prepared incase this horrid does ever come.
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