Here is my prediction for the Summer of 2021: chaos will ensue.

I know I have talked about going buck wild this Summer but after witnessing a recent incident, I am starting to get nervous.

I was at the Crab's Claw Inn in Lavallette when an older gentlemen who was beyond intoxicated decided to have a full on brawl with the OWNER! Yes...the owner of the restaurant and it got extremely physical.

Cops had to be called and the situation was handled but I am worried this is only the start of it.

Cabin fever is very real and when people are let out of their quarantine cage this Summer, I am trying to prepare myself for a lot of other incidents just like the one described above.

There were already trouble makers at our bars, restaurants and clubs before the pandemic -- which is why security would always be present -- but now that people are losing their minds and peoples' mental health is struggling....I think it is going to be that much worse.

That is why I think that the law that is going to be discussed for Howell amongst town officials on March 23rd should be put into effect for the entire Jersey Shore.

According to, it is the "Nuisance Property" Law and here is how it works.

FYI: This law was passed in Toms River back in 2018 sooooo...but anyways...

If you own a property that is constantly being troublesome, you would be fined $300 under this new law.

Now what does "causing trouble" entail?

It basically means that if people at the property continuously require time and energy from our local law enforcement or municipal services, you are getting fined.

According to, this could include:

  • Drinking or alcohol sales
  • Disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, littering or excessive noise
  • Property damage or personal injury
  • Improper parking or moving violations
  • Loud, biting or dangerous animals
  • Drug use, possession or distribution
  • Prostitution
  • Public urination or defecation or indecent exposure
  • Criminal or juvenile activity

The good news is that if it is one specific renter or family causing trouble, the fee can be split between the owner and the renter.

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And if cops have to consistently visit your property within 60 days, your property could even be put on probation for an entire year.

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I am not sure if "probation" means the property can't be rented for a year or if it just means that law enforcement will be keeping an eye on it.

However, I am sure that if trouble continues after being put on probation, that is grounds for the owner to lose the property.

I may be getting ahead of myself but this rule being in place may be one of the many things that should be implemented to keep things under control this Summer.

Do you agree?

If you want more information on this law that may soon be passed in Howell, visit



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