Can you believe that one Monmouth County town has made the list of the 30 towns with the lowest property tax bills?

Well, it's true. At, they listed the 30 towns with the lowest property tax bills, and one, and only one Monmouth County town made the list. Do you think that town could possibly be your town?

According to the article, property tax bills take property value into account and are a good representation of what you're actually paying. So, which Monmouth County town has the honor of making the list?

Congratulations to Shrewsbury Township. Your average tax bill of $4169 in 2018 places you as the 25th lowest in the entire state. The only Ocean County town on the list is Manchester (at #24) with a bill of $4093.

If you're wondering where the lowest New Jersey property tax bill is, it's in Walpack. The average property tax bill in  this tiny Sussex County town is an unbelievable $450. Who would have guessed that was even possible in the Garden State.

So, I guess the next time somebody says the property taxes are too high in Monmouth County, just point with pride to Shrewsbury and remind everyone there is at least one place where th property tax bill won't make you cringe (as much).

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