The category was 'iconic U.S. restaurants to try before you die, and only one New Jersey restaurant made the list, and it wasn't a Jersey Shore eatery.

The list, which includes 60 eateries around the country and was complied by, lists only one New Jersey restaurant, and it was Top's Diner in East Newark. No Jersey Shore restaurants made the list. Can that be right?

Nothing against the restaurants that made the list, I'm sure they are all awesome. It's not what was included on the list that bothers me, it's what isn't included. I bet we can all think of a handful of great Jersey Shore spots that should be on the list, right?

So, we thought w would give you that opportunity. If someone who was visiting the Jersey Shore asked you which restaurant they absolutely had to go to before they left the Shore, which restaurant would you tell them?

The challenge here is to pick just one restaurant, but that's exactly what we want you to do. Let's make a list of our own, consisting of only Jersey Shore restaurants!

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