According to a recent publication, when it comes to "restaurants you must try before you die' only one Garden State eatery makes the list, and that one is in North Jersey.

The website listed the top 60 restaurants that they consider distinct and iconic, according to, and the only one that made the list from New Jersey was Top's Diner in East Newark.

But what about all the other amazing, distinctive restaurants around the Garden State. I feel like we just went through this when the topic of pizza came up and I'll say now what I said then. I have absolutely nothing against North Jersey getting some well deserved love for their amazing pizzerias and restaurants.

All I'm saying is that where is the respect that Jersey Shore eateries absolutely deserve as well? We certainly have great pizza as well as unique restaurants all over the Jersey Shore.

By the way, New York got two mentions (Katz's Delicatessan and Keen Steakhouse) and  Philly also got two (Franks Italian Restaurant and Pat's King of Steaks). Even Alaska had two restaurants on the list.

So I wanted to make sure I stopped everything today to pay tribute to the amazing eateries at the Jersey Shore. We are lucky to have the luxury of choosing from some of the most distinctive, amazing and  unique restaurants anywhere. I would love to see them get the spotlight they deserve on these national stages.

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