If this is a sign of things to come as people return to work -- ust thinking they can drop their dogs off at a shelter, then this is just another sad outcome due to the virus.

Zeus, Wag on Inn

Many people who were stuck self-isolating for months due to the Covid-19 pandemic found it a great time to adopt a shelter pet to keep them company.

Then they went back to work.....and things changed. They found they could no longer take care of their dogs. And started returning them to shelters. And making excuses.
Zeus, Wag On Inn Rescue
This gorgeous dog is named Zeus. And he has been through it all...starting with a hurricane in Louisiana. After Hurricane Barry he was never claimed. So he was brought up here to be given a second chance at life instead of being put down in a kill shelter in the south.
Zeus was then adopted during the pandemic... and then became a 'pandemic-return' because he was too much work to keep once his adopter returned to her job after the Covid isolation restrictions eased.
Zeus is a Catahoula Leopard/Boxer mix who the rescue volunteers describe as a sweet soul who is a little shy at first but pours on the love once he knows you.
Zeus, Wag On Inn Rescue
His adopter says he was reactive to other dogs while on-leash, but the rescue group volunteers say they have not seen this behavior. In fact, the rescue describes him as a sweet and affectionate boy.
Wag On Inn is looking for a foster home for Zeus until someone can give him his forever home. He does great living with other dogs or cats. Would do best in a home with another large dog that he can play with.
Zeus needs a home with a fenced-in yard because he needs room to run and play safely. He has mild separation anxiety and needs to be crated so that he feels like he is in a safe place when you are out.
Wag On Inn is a very special non- profit rescue group. Find out more about them HERE.
Follow the friends of Wag on Inn Rescue Group HERE.
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