This summer, 94.3 The Point and Irwin Cars in Freehold are teaming up to "Pay It Forward." We're visiting local non-profits and charities to spread the good word and lend a helping hand. Recently, we were on sand in Point Pleasant Beach to volunteer at Sandy Castle.

Sculptor Ed Jarrett -- who currently holds the world record for a nearly 38-foot-tall sandcastle he built in Connecticut in 2011 -- is creating a tribute to the Jersey Shore with the “Sandy Castle.” One side of the castle will be carved in Gothic-style, while the Barnegat Lighthouse will be at the very top of the other side.

The Sandy Castle Foundation is working in conjunction with Hometown Heroes, who are on the ground daily assisting those affected by the Superstorm. Donations are strongly suggested, or see the world's largest sandcastle in person for a small donation.

Here's what I did with the crew from Irwin Cars.

To protect the castle, tarps are hung around it. The front of the castle was still in need of protection. Here, we measure the tarp and get ready to cut. (Michelle Hurley / Townsquare Media New Jersey)
Getting ready to move the tarp to the front of Sandy Castle (Michelle Hurley / Townsquare Media New Jersey)
Not only do the employees at Irwin Cars work hard at the dealership, they were working hard moving vital pieces of the Sandy Castle structure. (Michelle Hurley / Townsquare Media New Jersey)
Shelly Irwin-LoCascio and husband John LoCascio (Michelle Hurley / Townsquare Media New Jersey)
A successful day at Sandy Castle with Irwin Cars! (Michelle Hurley / Townsquare Media New Jersey)

94.3 The Point and Matt Ryan are looking to help local charities this summer and we need your help!

Tell us about your local charity. If you’re chosen, Matt and the Point Crew will come to your organization and help out for a day. We’ll throw a Pay It Forward wrap party at Rella’s Tavern for all the involved charities and one group will receive $1,000 from Irwin Cars.