I remember during the storm as our crew monitored the storm and studied the radar, someone said that things would never be the same again on the shore. Who knew how true that would be.

Of course there are many parts of the shore that will literally never look the same. The devastation has changed the face of many shore towns. Our shoreline is different and for many areas, there may be no replacing the structures that were there just weeks ago.

And it goes further than that. I don't think anyone along the shore will ever think the same way again. There was a certain invulnerability that came along with living at the shore. Those big storms rarely, if ever, hit us. That was until Sandy. Now every time someone says "storm" we stop in our tracks, and who could blame us.

We also look at our neighbors and neighborhoods. For those who got devastated and those of us who got lucky and avoided the worst of the devastating damage, we all look at those neighbors, friends and family members who were there for us when we needed them. We'll always appreciate neighbors and our neighborhood just a little more now. And that's a good thing.

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