Seriously?! Another one?!

I am really starting to think that the only retailers that will be left with are Target, Walmart and well, Amazon.

The next retailer that announced that they will possibly have to close up to 145 stores is home decor store Pier 1. (They JUST had to close 30 stores in March)

"As anticipated, our fourth-quarter sales and profitability were disappointing and reflect the execution we identified earlier in the year and have been working with urgency to correct," Cheryl Bachelder, interim Pier 1 CEO, said in a statement.

And even worse, they have yet to reveal which locations will be closed if this trend has to continue!

I have been holding this back for a while but now, it is time:

A huge factor that is affecting all of these retailers is the fact that there are online stores such as Walmart and Amazon that offer people an alternative option.

So why haven't' all of these stores adapted to the times for the good of their business?

I understand it won't happen with the snap of a finger but if the changing ways are ignored, then soon we will have three stores maximum to choose from and there won't be a thing that we can do about it. 

Well...anyways....I digress. Get your shopping on at Pier 1 because the closest one near you could soon be closing.

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