Residents of Pine Beach are looking to help a police officer who lost his home and one of his dogs in a fire this past Saturday morning.

His name is K9 Officer Russell Okinsky and he has lost practically everything even though he was able to evacuate safely.

His two dogs, K-9 Officer Keto and his other dog, Lola were trapped in the basement during the fire. They were rescued and rushed to a nearby veterinary hospital but Lola passed from her injuries.

Currently, the Beachwood PBA is accepting donations and he is in desperate need of clothes, gift cards, and dog supplies so any and all help is much appreciated.

"The only clothes he has right now is the uniform he was wearing," said K-9 Valor Task Force President, Sue DesMarais. "Russell is also my K-9 Valor Task Force Vice President and I honestly could not love that kid more if he was my own blood."

Local law enforcement has been spreading the word on social media so help get the word out there so we can help Officer Okinsky!

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