In Jersey we know pizza. The rest of the world marvels at us and tries to no avail to copy us. Who has the best pizza in America? Food & Wine highlighted pizzerias at the shore!  Finally we're getting the national attention we deserve!  So grab a pie and take in that ocean view! Here’s where you’re getting your next slice!

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Food & Wine magazine has made it official!  New Jersey has the BEST pizza in the country, knocking New York down a few pegs.  I think we need to start saying “New Jersey Pizza” as a term. Sorry, New York, you got street meat on lock though.

Do your own research because these places are right in our own backyard. Congratulations to Point Pleasant Beach and Asbury Park for getting the nod and making us look good!

The Galley in Asbury Park has all kinds of unusual pizzas and AMAZING wings too!  They are the home of the creative pizza. If you are ready to try something totally new this is your place.  Also, they have house smoked shaved prime rib cheesesteaks, Bell & Evans dry rubbed smoked wings, house cut fries, and some juiccccccy Pat LaFrieda blend burgers (short rib, brisket, chuck). YUM! No wonder The Galley is getting so much attention!

If you're looking for some crunchy thin-crust pizza Rosie's Pizza is the ultimate!'s what they do. Years of experience, constant experimentation, and passion make for a special pie. People come from all over just to experience it.

I'm curious, are you thin crust or pan? Creative or traditional? I’m a fold and go thin crust portable pizza kinda girl b/c I have a boardwalk to be on BUT I have broadened my horizons to try new things over the years.  No matter how you do pizza it’s good right?  Generally speaking, there are some extreme pizza violations when we get too cute with toppings…pineapple people I see you.

If you want to visit one of these hot spots here is where you find em'. Thanks to Food & Wine for highlighting the Jersey Shore!

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Address: 1313 Memorial Dr, Asbury Park

Address: 620 Bay Ave, Point Pleasant Beach

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