If you love in or shop in Point Pleasant, you know that the parking lot in the shopping center at Bridge Ave. and Route 88 can be a little, well, challenging, to put it politely.

So if someone were to tell you they had a picture of that parking lot, you would either not believe it or insist it was a snowstorm or a holiday. Well, you'd be exactly right on one of those over the break, and here's the picture to prove it.

Anybody who has ever driven in the lot knows it is tough to park, even with some recent renovation, and it could be the capital of questionable driving moves on the east coast, so any time we have no stress in that lot, we probably should document it.

Here's what happened. I had to stop for a gift bag on Christmas morning, and I gasped when I pulled in the lot. I looked around. No snow. Then I remembered what day it was. Even though the reason was obvious, I still felt compelled to stop and photograph that nearly empty lot, documenting the rarity of the moment. (This shot is from in front of Rite Aid looking toward Stop & Shop)

If you were there to see it, you know what I mean. If not, you now at least have a picture of a day when, for at least a few hours, there were no parking issues and no bad driving in a place famous for both.


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