Jersey Shore residents love our food, and we have plenty of favorites. We thought it would be interesting to find out what you thought the one signature New Jersey food is.

So here are the poll results according to you in a survey we took over the weekend, and I thought they were a little surprising. Salt water taffy and fresh seafood had some votes, getting 8%. One of the surprise results for me was the famous sausage and pepper sandwich, which only managed 15% of your votes.

Coming in second place was burgers and hot dogs with 31% of the vote. That also surprised me a little since I never thought of those as a specifically Jersey Shore thing, but who's gonna argue with a good burger or dog at a Jersey Shore barbecue, right?

And that brings us to #1 according to you, and not only do I agree, but I burst with pride over the thought of it. If one food had to be picked as the signature Jersey Shore food, your top choice according to the survey is a tough one to argue with.

You chose pizza as our signature food and I think you nailed it. So have a nice slice for lunch to help celebrate our signature food. Thanks for your votes!