So far, we've showed you some of the best candy items from the 80s, but what about the Halloween costumes from the most totally awesome decade? If you grew up in the 1980s, then you probably remember being able to freely roam the neighborhood as you and your friends went trick-or-treating from door-to-door. You remember great horror flicks like Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Halloween along with all the hype surrounded by Michael Jackson's Thriller. Our costumes were nothing short of amazing, as we simulated the looks of our favorite cartoons, movies, pop stars and more. Halloween was everything to kids in the 80s so to once again salute this great era, here's a list of some of the most popular Halloween Costumes from the 1980s!


He was the odd-looking, friendly and comedic extraterrestrial who warmed the hearts of families everywhere since the show's first airing in 1986. Kids loved him, and therefore marveled at the chance to be Alf for Halloween.


Cabbage Patch Kids

If you were a little girl in the 80s, you just had to have a cabbage patch kid! One of the most popular toys of all time, CPK(s) were widely imitated on Halloween night by kids across America.


Freddy Kruger

Oh the infamous horror of the 1984 classic Wes Craven film, A Nightmare on Elm Street. Whether we were allowed to see the movie or not, everyone knew exactly who Freddy Kruger was...and what a perfect way to scare all of our friends by wearing the Halloween Costume!



One of the most simple, yet most addictive games of beginning days of arcade games, Pac-man was a big part of so many kids' childhoods that it only makes sense to be on this list of popular Halloween costumes.


Still a staple in the lives of lots of little girls today, Barbie was a huge figure in the 1980s. Check out this vintage Barbie Bride costume that we found on ebay!


Care Bears Costume

Some of the sweetest, kindest, and certainly the most caring animated characters of the 1980s, the Care Bears brightened the hearts of kids from all over. Do you remember which was your favorite Care Bear?



Jason (Hockey) Mask

Possibly one of the easiest costumes of all time, the classic Hockey Mask worn on Halloween night imitated the one and only infamous "Jason" from the 1980 film, Friday the 13th. Besides the horror flicks Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th was unfortunately also part of many 80s kids' nightmares.

Superman Costume

Before special effects and 3D cinema, we were intrigued by the powerful, life-saving, flying man from Krypton - none other than Superman himself. What kid wouldn't want wear the cape to be the great superhero on Halloween night?


Star Wars Costumes

They were everywhere on Halloween night in the 1980s - tiny Ewoks, Yodas, Darth Vaders, Chewbaccas, Luke Skywalkers and Princess Leias roaming neighborhoods, knocking on doors to collect their Halloween candy.

Flickr user Mike McInnis

Michael Jackson

Doing impressions from the film Moonwalker and hits like Thriller, Beat it, Bad, and Billie Jean, kids in the 80s worshiped the iconic King of Pop. His dance moves were untouchable, and his style was...different (to say the least), but boy did we love to mimic the one and only Michael Jackson!

Do you remember any of your or your friends' Halloween costumes from the 80s? Which one was your favorite? Take a trip down memory lane by adding your 80s Halloween costumes to the list below in the comments section!

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