I always thought spring was pothole season at the Jersey Shore. But this year, don't tell that to the bottom of my car.

If you've noticed that every day there seems to be a handful of new ones popping up on the way to work, you are not wrong. As a matter of fact, as we have reported, the state Department of Transportation has made it official by opening the season early.

So, on this Groundhog Day, I am saying that you don't need a groundhog or a shadow to determine if the warmer weather is arriving early. All you need is a car, a pothole, and some colorful words we utter after hitting one.

If potholes are here, then spring cannot be far behind. My car hit a pothole on Groundhog Day and saw stars. That has to be as good as a shadow, (or no shadow), right? By the way, if you want to report a pothole, call 1-800 POTHOLE.

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