Rainy, gloomy, dark weather makes people sleepy, lazy, and for some, depressed. There's even a clinical term for it -- Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD -- how's that for  convenient acronym??). Despite that, it might be time to shine a light on all the positive things that come from darkened skies.

It's raining? Who would blame you for just throwing on a sweatshirt as you run out the door? Why even bother leaving the house? This weather is perfect for grabbing a blanket, picking out your favorite spot on the couch, and maybe even cuddling up to someone special. No one will judge you for being lazy on a day like this.

I say, embrace the lazy! Bask in the extra darkness with a quality nap -- they're not just for toddlers and college students. Feeling a little cold? Nothing warms you up like a nice cup of hot chocolate...and what's better for cheering someone up than mini-marshmallows? They're so cute and little!

The laundry can wait. Dinner? Order in. Be as fabulously lazy as you want, guilt-free, because we're all doing it. It won't be like this forever, so savor it while it lasts.

I only draw the line at Pajama Jeans. There's no excuse for that.

What's your favorite thing about rainy days? Comment below!