Not many Jersey Shore artists can say they have hit over a million streams. These dudes are AWESOME and I think everyone should remember the name Recess Radio! The group consists of six 2017 Wall High School graduates, who started making music for fun during their senior year of high school. In just about four years they successfully built a strong music resume. The group has well over a million song streams, a few successful music videos and a fan base that continues to grow throughout the country. Last year, Recess Radio moved to Los Angeles and since then have been traveling back and forth. The six core members are Skyeboii, Fergo Goose, Lake Blake, Love James, Eddy and Juddy. Each member is a vocalist with the production coming from Lake Blake and Love James. In 2019, the group released a 19 song LP called 'Stop Apologizing Start Punching'. You can check out the full album by clicking this link or listen below to what many say is their favorite Recess Radio song, 'Luci'.

One vocalist of the group, Eddy says, "The creative direction comes solely from us and it will continue to stay that way as we grow. We solely make music for ourselves and each other."

Recess Radio is creative and willing to take chances. Their sound is unique and that is why kids all over the country are listening. Before the pandemic, Recess Radio sold out the House of Independence in Asbury Park. We can only hope they can get back to playing LIVE shows as soon as the pandemic is over. For now, LIKE them on Instagram and keep an eye out to purchase merch. In addition, check out their brand new song 'Kevin' by clicking this link.

Good luck fellas and I wish you nothing but great success! Oh... my favorite song and music video is 'Pretty Perfect Life'.... Cheers! - Jimmy G

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