A couple from Red Bank will be representing Monmouth County - and their business - when they compete tonight on a Food Network show.

Chris Paseka and Jesse Bello own Sugarush, a cupcakery and generally wonderful candyland on Front St. in downtown Red Bank.

Jesse Bello and Chris Paseka
Jesse Bello and Chris Paseka (Chris Paseka/Sugarush)

Tonight, you can watch them on 'Rewrapped,' a competition show hosted by former boy bander Joey Fatone, with a panel of judges including Marc Summers. ('N Sync AND Double Dare? YES.)

The premise of the show has contestants recreate some popular American goodies, like Twinkies, Goldfish crackers, or in the case of tonight's episode, Entenmann's chocolate chip cookie.

They then have to take that mass-produced ingredient and turn it into a gourmet dish.

The pair will compete against each other and a third contestant during the episode.

Chris and Jesse are two awesome and talented guys who have had some big things happening lately, and I'm excited to watch them on tonight's episode! (And if you have a chance, stop into Sugarush, and get a salted caramel red velvet cupcake...or a Funfetti cupcake stuffed with Nutella, and topped with whipped cream. You'll be very glad you did!)

The show airs tonight at 8 p.m. on Food Network.

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