It is always a sad moment when a staple Jersey Shore hot spot has to close their doors.

After being in business for a whopping 35 years, the Front Street Trattoria in Red Bank announced that they will not be reopening under their current ownership.

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"We've been in the restaurant business a very long time," Michael said Tuesday afternoon. "It's a very long, hard business and you can get burned out. And at 68, it's starting to take its toll."

Michael and Valerie Aufiero, the current owners, closed the Front Street Trattoria back in March due to the pandemic.

It sounds like the COVID-19 pandemic sped up the Aufiero duo to make their decision to move on.

"'I came home that Saturday night [after Gov. Murphy ordered the closure of restaurant dining rooms] and started thinking about it,' Valerie said. They had a small staff and she was working twice as hard, 'and I'm a prime target for getting COVID because of my age. The money isn't worth it and it was an easy decision to make.'"

"We do feel fortunate that we're at the end of our careers and decided to do this," Michael said. "I really feel for some of the younger people who have opened the past year or two or three, and sunk their blood, sweat and tears into their buildings. It's devastating."

One thing Michael and Valerie want their loyal customers to know is that they don't want them to be sad because they already have plans for their next adventure.

Valerie has plans to become a professional life coach and Michael is already looking into getting into cabinetry.

It does not sound like Michael and Valerie have sold the Front Street Trattoria just yet so if you are interested, I would jump on this opportunity ASAP!

To Michael and Valerie: thank you for making so many amazing memories for our Jersey Shore residents all these years.

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