Reddit just posed the question:  What do you like about living in New Jersey? I was waiting for people to use this as a chance to complain about our state and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with everyone's responses.  This makes me realize something, people who have grievances are almost always the vocal ones. The happy people don't speak up enough!  Check out what we really think about Jersey:

Shannon Jersey Girl
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I agree whole heartily you Jon!  I could not have said it better myself!  Where else do you get city, mountains, beaches and farms and be a stone's throw away from the greatest city in the world?!?

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Amen!  Who has time for BS?  Tell it like it is and keep it movin'!

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Diversity brings out the best of us!  Different cultures means all kinds of food and music...the more flavors the better.

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A bit of everything means there is something for everyone.  It is never boring that is for sure!  Love my state.

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Everyone who ever thinks of Jersey (who has never really spent any time here) thinks of Newark airport. Understand that we are the Garden State and I challenge you to eat corn or tomatoes from one of our farm stands and tell me we are only a concrete jungle!

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We are full up on residents...think what cha pride has a hard time with this one but you are so right.

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OK, I'll give ya that. We pay too much. We have the best of a lot of things and you get what you pay for but even with that, we still overpay on taxes.  Uncle Sam should give us a big break there.

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Hell yes to the pizza and bagels!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love that we are able to satisfy a craving anytime...Jersey is like Mom's kitchen, it's always open.

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Love to ski...there are so many beautiful ways to break a sweat here.

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I have personal experience with this one. I've moved around the country for my job (the goal was ALWAYS to get back home to Jersey).  Why? Because I wanted to fit in effortlessly again. Also, I understand the mentality and frankly, I stand by it. People in Jersey (as well as other parts of the Northeast) have a swag, they don't waste time and they don't fall for BS, BUT if you are in need, we are there.  We're loyal and I'll take that any day over someone acting to be your ride or die and having it be nothing more than and empty promise. #JerseyProud

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