It seems like 100 years ago, but it was actually a mere 6 months ago that the heat index in New Jersey literally made it feel hotter here in the Garden State than it was in Death Valley.

Of course, we all know that Death Valley is well known as one of the hottest places on Earth, but we don't have to go back too far in our memory banks to recall a heat index of 110 degrees, making parts of the Garden State hotter places than Death Valley on the same day..

In an article that appeared at in July of last year, meteorologists were talking about how it was going to feel hotter with the heat index than the hottest temperature ever recorded in New Jersey (109 degrees), and how at the time that number was hit, it would in fact be hotter here than Death Valley.

So as we endure wind chills below 0 once again this winter, let's remember it wasn't too long ago that it was too hot to bear around here. About six months ago people in New Jersey would have gone to Death Valley to cool off if they could. One step outside today makes the memory of that seem like 100 years ago, doesn't it?