One of the best things about my job is that I am able to interact with Jersey Shore locals. It's refreshing to speak to happy radio listeners and proud business owners on a daily basis. I'm not writing this introduction to fluff up my article, I just simply believe some of the best people in the world are right here at the Jersey Shore. WE UNDERSTAND "LIFE".

Where am I going with this? I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Geneen & Thomas Graziano. They are the owners of the brand new, Rudy's On Main in Lake Como. My conversation with Geneen & Thomas was short but it felt great talking to people who have pride in what they do. They are kind, energetic, passionate, and I wish them wonderful success as they start a new business by Belmar & Spring Lake beach.

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Rudy's On Main proudly serves your favorite Italian ices, bavarian pretzels, and gourmet fudge! They have the Jersey Shore's greatest selection of Italian ices with over 30 flavors. They also make 16+ fudge flavors.

From Geneen & Thomas Graziano:

At Rudy's on Main, you'll come to realize that our place never leaves you, even when you leave it! We’re committed to ensuring our customers receive high-quality ices, desserts, and beverages each time they order from us. At Rudy’s on Main, we use the best ingredients and dust everything with a ton of love and a bunch of fun. It's what makes our menu the very best beach food in Belmar. Our customers continue to visit us and order from us because they know they’ll receive high-quality products and enjoy them every single time.

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