If the ridges of Ruffles potato chips keeping you reaching for more, take your hand out of the bag because a certain size bag of them is being recalled.

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Frito-Lay, which manufactures Ruffles, has issued a voluntary consumer recall on the 'Party Size' (13.5 oz.) bags of their Original Potato Chips over FDA concerns of 'undeclared milk contamination', according to eatthis.com.

If this is where you say, 'there's milk in potato chips?', I'm right there with ya...because we all eat potato chips for the ingredient deck, naturally. SMH. I honestly never noticed that.

In a statement, Frito-Lay warns, 'People who have an allergy or a severe sensitivity to milk run the risk of a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume the product contained inside the recalled bags.'

That sounds pretty major, so if you've got a 'Party Size' bag of OG Ruffles in your pantry, chuck it just in case. The party's over.

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