Lay's announced its 'Do Us a Flavor' contest finalists last month, and what kind of foodie would I be if I didn't try them all? (Ya know, for science, or something...)

So which of the four are worth trying?

The new flavors are Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese (CBMC), Mango Salsa, Wasabi Ginger, and Cappuccino.

If you remember last month, I was most looking forward to trying the CBMC and the Mango Salsa...too bad one wound up being my least favorite of the four!

So, the verdict? Honestly, none of them were great...I was really disappointed! (I was a big fan of last year's Cheesy Garlic Bread winner, and even liked the slightly odd Chicken 'n Waffles flavor!)

These all tasted like something other than what they were supposed to be.

  • My favorite? CBMC. These would never be a first choice among chips, but out of these four, they were the best. There is a smoky flavor reminiscent of bacon, and then the cheddar-flavoring-that-never-tastes-like-cheddar comes through. 6/10
  • Next? Wasabi Ginger. I'm not a huge wasabi fan, but I do love ginger. These chips wind up tasting mostly like cheap ramen. Some chips are definitely spicier than others, and those more heavily spiced ones taste more like wasabi. It was definitely a good choice to put this flavor on a thick Kettle Cooked chip though...the spice benefits from the thicker chip. 5/10
  • Surprisingly, Cappuccino was third. The first note is that they smell strongly of coffee. There is a very distinct flavor to this chip in my mind, and it's the same as the International Delight powdered single-serve latte tastes like someone sprinkled that powder on a plain potato chip, and it's weird. (My churro flavor idea would have been so much better!!!) 3/10
  • Finally, the Mango Salsa. I love mango salsa, and I really wanted to like these, but it just didn't work. It tasted like fruit when you're a kid and you drop a kid in your Kool-Aid, then fish it out and eat it. Fine when you're 8. Kinda gross when you're not. 2/10

Duzzy pretty much hated them all. When trying the Cappuccino, he simply said, 'Ew.' When I asked if he thought the Wasabi Ginger tasted like ramen, he told me he's never had ramen, to which I just stared at him in shock for a few seconds. (WHO'S GOTTEN THROUGH COLLEGE LIFE WITHOUT RAMEN?!?)

Ultimately he chose Mango Salsa as his favorite, saying it was 'Different...Reminded me of Hi-C and plain Lay's...but I kinda like fruit punch.'

So there ya go. I happened to buy them on sale last weekend (2/$5) but at another store I visited they were $4.50 EACH, so hopefully I can save you a few bucks!

If you feel so inclined, you can vote to 'save' your favorite flavor, and it'll be sold year round. (Whatever, #TeamChurro.)

Happy eating!

Have you tried the new flavors? Which was your most/least favorite?

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