Lay's 'Do Us a Flavor' contest is back, and they have announced the finalists. Some sound awesome...others...not so much.

ICYMI, Lay's held a contest last year asking fans to come up with a new and interesting chip flavor. The three finalists were sriracha, chicken and waffles, and cheesy garlic bread, with the cheesy garlic bread flavor winning the most votes (and winning its creator a $100,000 prize!)

Apparently Lay's wasn't too keen on my churro flavor idea this year...darn.

This year's finalist flavors? Cheddar bacon mac & cheese, wasabi ginger, mango salsa, and...cappuccino?

lays do us a flavor 2014

Yep, a coffee-flavored chip.

I love chips. And I really love coffee. I don't know if I'm gonna love them together.

I'm pretty pumped to try the cheddar bacon mac & cheese and mango salsa chips though...they sound really good!

The chips should hit store shelves in the next couple weeks, and you can start voting for your favorite online in 12 days.

Which one sounds best to you? Tell us in the comment section below!

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