I find it hard to believe some people were raised with their parents and caregivers telling them, “leave your trash around, someone else will clean it up!” Now that summer is in full swing at the Jersey Shore, we are enjoying the beach, boardwalk, parks, outdoor concerts and festivals. However, I am not enjoying the empty bottles, wrappers, diapers, snack packaging, food waste, containers, straws and other garbage carelessly discarded when there are garbage cans conveniently located within a few steps.

There is a group of joggers that feel the same way I do as well as many others. They are called “ploggers.” Ploggers are joggers, runners and fitness walkers who carry bags and break their stride to pick up litter along their path. Plogging comes from the Swedish term “plocka upp” which means to pick up. This environmentally inspired fitness trend is very popular in Scandinavia and Europe and it’s now getting attention in the U.S.

There are organized plogging runs in Hoboken, one is scheduled for July 7th at 10 a.m. at the Jefferson Coffee Shop on Washington Street if you want to check it out for yourself. You can always start your own plogging event with your group of friends or perhaps youth groups can get involved as well. Think of all the fitness benefits when you plog, including bending, squatting, lunging and lifting. This will burn a lot more calories than the traditional jog and you’ll be helping the environment and wildlife.

Click here to learn more about plogging and be sure to grab a bag before your next run, jog or walk. #plogging

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